The serious damages caused by termites

The serious damages caused by termites
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In nature, termites are helpful insect for ecosystem because they eat wood to decompose milled wood in soil and make running soil which are advantaged for plant growth. However, they become the most wood – destroying pests in structures because of this habit.

Termites are famous for the most pest because they are listed to social insect which mean that they live in a colony and take care of each other. They nourish each other, protect the queens as well as their eggs and preserve colony structures. If there are enough food (such as wood inside or outside the buildings), termite colony can develop and reproduce hundreds of termite workers. When the number of termites is too crowded, they will emerge from the colony to make a new one which is separated from the old colony but have the same structure. If they are not found and treated in time, these termites can cause a large damage.

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Property damage: sign and repairing cost.

Termites are known as the most threat for houses in Vietnam – more dangerous than fire, flood and storm. Because termites do not present clearly and suddenly like these dangers, they will slowly gnaw house frame and wood systematically which cause dramatical damages.

Which makes termite different from fire, flood and storm is their habit. Termites can invade in interior column and floor wood in many years which do not appear any damage sign. A termite colony can multiply into several groups as well as invading road and eating places.

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Termites destroy ceiling structure

Termites are wood – destroying pests which are damage to timber of a house such as pillars, floor wood, ceiling wood, subfloor and wall plate. They also destroy other parts outside the building such as board, frame wood, carpet and furniture. Dry wood termites are species which usually attack to our houses. Dampwood termites rarely invade in our house because of their high humidity requirement.

Termite infestation signs are usually hidden or minded. Flying termites fly everywhere in spring and it is very easy to confuse between flying termites and flying ants. The mud tunnels are along to the walls and they are difficult to observe with naked eyes in poor light areas such as basements. Homeowner living in these areas having a risk of termites should contact to pest control operations in order to inspect and treat well.

Termite infestation signs include:

  • Faded stones or sunken ceilings or walls.
  • Warping or subside floor.
  • Detached bricks and plates.
  • Bulging floor woods.
  • Tiny holes on the wall.
  • Peeling and bubbling paint.
  • Wood are damage and cracked easily.
  • Trapped doors or windows.
  • Wood emits empty sound when knocking.

A house attacking by termites has no special thing compared to other if we see on the surface. Termites can build their nest after the wall and cause many damages before these signs are clearly visible. Termite control experts of Nano Vina are well – trained to inspect termite sign and find the risk of termite infestation in the future.

If termites are not found and treated in many years, the house can have significant damage. In some cases, signs of damage can be confused with the damage of water.

Structure damage

The damages caused by termite can be small, from the surface to serious damage related to structure can make the ceiling or floor collapsed. Detection of termite destruction is essential to reduce the risk and repairing cost of termite damages.

A termite colony spends at least 5 years to develop at the level of causing damages to your house. The huge number of termite develop over the years can cause serious damage to houses and even cause the floor and roof collapse.

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Prevention and Protection

In order to protect your home out of termites, you need an expert. Nano Vina technicians are well – trained to find signs of termite activities which homeowners do not pay attention.

Termite damage: Buy and build houses.

Buying a house is an important decision. Whatever you buy or build a new house, you should make sure that this investment is suitable, it means that the house is in good condition. In addition, a termite inspection is very necessary to avoid buying a substandard house. Nano Vina can help you solve this case.

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