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Signs of an Argentine ant infestation

Signs of an Argentine ant infestation
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Argentine ant infestations are strongly associated with the number of ants living inside and outside buildings or houses. Outdoors, their nests are located in moist areas, especially under rocks, concrete slabs, mulch, wood debris or in trees, tree holes or tree limbs. Indoors, their nests are found around wet woods, damaged woods or holes in the walls. Argentine will invade homes if their outside habitats are disturbed or if they find a good food source inside. Foraging ants will invade inside through tree branches, power, plumbing and communication lines. Argentine ants feed on many different kinds of food but they like sweet food. A nest consists of many queens living together and a huge number of workers. The size of a colony may number as many as several hundred thousand workers. Typically, the workers can live in a month but the queen can live more than 10 years.

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Prevention and Control

  • The first step to set up an ant control program is identifying what kind of ant that you want to control. No matter what it is, you should have a pest control experts inspected thoroughly.
  • Argentine ants are very persistent and one of the most problematic species challenging the homeowner. Sometimes, homeowners have to suffer from their infestation by year unless they are success in controlling ants. Only using pesticide is not effective in long – term control so we need to apply prevent methods. Incomplete control commonly is commonly followed by a “bounce – back” of the ant population because these ants’ ability to reproduce. Therefore, if you need to control Argentine ants, contact Nano Vina pest control operation to have recommendations and effective control methods. Especially when the number of ants are too large.
  • Eliminating and limiting all of agents which are ant living environment. Clean all the messes on the ground such as planks, decaying plants, rocks and other moist soil. Do not water too much. Repair leaking pipes and ensure the water from the roof is directed away from the foundation.
  • Inspecting landscape plants if they have any aphids or insects producing honeydew. Argentine ants eat honeydew from them. Therefore, limiting their food is very important. If necessary, treated plants.
  • Inspecting for ant by locating and following ant trails.
  • Sealing all crevices and holes from outside which prevent ant from finding food and invading inside.
  • Trimming bushes, shrubs and other plants surrounding homes. Ensure tree branches do not touch houses because they are the easiest way for them to invade.
  • Removing food sources and keeping food crumbs and other waste to a minimum. Regularly cleaning cupboards, floors and trashes.

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