Termites control

In order to identify termite infestations, Navi Man will inspect your premises. After determining areas which have termite activities or high risk of termite infestations, Navi Man will lay bait stations. These bait stations work slowly, workers will bring the baits for others. After a while, some generation in termite colony will die.

Although bait station installation is an effective method to wipe out active termite and impact on the whole colony, their result may be not quick enough to treat areas having termite density and serious infestations. Substandard pesticides can be used to handle these areas.

Termites control also includes the cooperation of homeowners in limiting food sources like woods and improving wet areas. Homeowners may be recommended in repairing leaking pipes or roofs. This is the important step in controlling active termite as well as preventing termite in the future.

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