Mouse repellent spray

Mouse repellent spray
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While there are many mouse liquids, solids and even electronic devices on the market, there is no evidence which are given by the manufactures proving the effectiveness of mouse repellent spray. There is no government requirements that these products must be proven effective before they are bought to market. Therefore, some credible consumer commerce sites advertise mouse repellent sprays. In some cases, these products are sold with the promise to wipe out the present damages. These mouse repellent sprays can irritate the mouse for a few seconds by using chemicals such as natural oils but the mice may find another way to entrance our home without going across the treated areas.

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The range of mice is not large. They usually nest near the food sources so the most important duty for mouse control is to find the source. Remove the hiding places makes them not develop. Remove the food sources and they will be stressed and cannot survive.

Rather than depending on the sprays, the most effective methods is preventing them from invading homes or working places. All the windows and the doors need to be closed. The food of pets or seeds should be kept in closed containers that cannot be chewed and gnawed by mice. At the first sign of a mouse infestation, a professional should be called to help us wipe out them before a huge population develops.

Unfortunately, there is no magic mouse repellent spray. The best methods for long – term prevention are careful inspections, exclusion techniques and early control.

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