Mosquitoes control

Mosquitoes control usually applies integrated pest control method which include mosquito reproduction limitation and chemical products usage. Because mosquitoes grow up in water environment, we have to narrow their growth environment and remove standing water. Even though limiting mosquito breeding sources is an effective long-term method for mosquitoes control, we also need to use other chemical products to control them.

Firstly, Navi Man will come to your premise to inspect and identify what kind of mosquitoes are active. After finishing the inspection and estimation, Navi man will prepare a pest control program including proposing solutions which eliminate mosquito breeding sources and apply appreciate chemical solutions. Those solutions eliminating mosquito breeding sources are:

  • Locating areas which have risks of active mosquitoes. Those places are natural or artificial items including water. Typical those areas such as lean hollows which can contain water after rainy days, clogged gutters, water flowing around drain, water in bottle, children swimming pool, uncarefully covered containers, hockey, trash or rubble having standing water.
  • Proposing simple mosquito repellent which can do themselves.
  • Proposing solution relating to plant management around such as bush cutting. It is very important because during a day, there are many mosquitos surrounding your area.

Some chemical solutions apply for mosquitoes control:

  • Using chemicals on some trees and bushes which are used for hidden by mosquitoes.
  • Using growth inhibitor in order to prevent mosquitoes from developing in water environment.
  • Using biological substances can wipe out mosquitoes in water.

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