Ants not only disturb the people life but also bite them which can lead to have a fever, skin allergy. There are some ants which have a risk of death for humans and animals. Moreover, they also have germs.

Ant are highly sociable and an ant colony is a combination among many packs of ants. An ant colony may have two or more generations living together. Adult ants are one of three different colony castes with different missions; queens, workers of males.

Ant control is really a difficult issue.  There are some useful information about how these ants can cause problems to your home:

  • Entrance: Ant can invade in through all small cracks in order to find water sources and sweet or greasy food in kitchen cabinets or food storage places.
  • Trail: When moving, ants secrete invisible substances containing pheromones on their way in order to lead the way for others.
  • Colony: They can build their nest anywhere surrounding your home such as in grasses, walls, trees or floors.
  • Colony size: There are about 300.000 –000 individuals in an ant colony and they can “break up” and gather quickly when being dangerous.
  • Colony duration: An ant colony can be last very long. Worker can live in 7 years and the queens live longer, up to 15 years.

Homemade solutions are not effective: Most of them only kill present ants. The best way to wipe out ants is finding ant colony and destroy inside to prevent them coming back. Moreover, temporary solution cannot solve problems because we need to apply different control methods for many ants. Ants control is a challenge so that we had better have pest control operation giving recommendations and treatments. Let’s call Nano Vina in order to have the best service.

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