Flies Control

Flies are really troubles when they move around your premise. Moreover, they spread many diseases so it is very important to control flies. It is easier to say than work effectively in flies control. We have to combine more methods than only using swatter. Flies control have many steps which are conducted by Nano Vina.

The first step is determining the pest exactly. It is easy to confuse between house files with others. They may be similar in appearance but we need to apply different methods. Nano Vina technician – Navi man will identify them. The most important thing that we need to remember is that we have to determine where flies lay eggs. They are usually in unclosed trash or pet’s dishes. However, the house fly breeding site could be something that is not obvious. Those places which have fly eggs have to clean or remove. Otherwise, they continue disturbing the home owners.

Navi Man is trained and practice professionally in order to locate places in which the flies lay eggs when he surveys. In addition, we will recommend your structures if they have problems such as torn grating or broken mirrors.

The next step is wiping out adult flies. Depending on the situation, Nani Man will choose appropriate methods such as baits, fly traps or chemicals. Equipment and facilities are always ready to use. He or she is trained, practice in order to apply appropriate methods. Many premises recognize that the best way saving time and labor is contacting with Nano Vina to control flies.

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