Bed bugs Control

Bed bugs are nocturnal and hide near resting areas of their host. How can we find bed bugs?

Depending on biological features, we will hide in crevices and cracks of springs, bed’s heads and frames. They usually gather in harborages and leave black spots and stains from their droppings. Bed bugs have different life stages along with molting process and empty eggs.

Another sign on bedsheets and mattresses is reddish - brown blood stains of vomiting and crushed bed bugs. As mentioned before, in some serious infestation, there may be sour odors and musty related to their infestation. However, these odors are not reliable signs.

We need to remember some elements for their serious infestations is that their population growth leading to bed bugs bestrew everywhere from bedroom to others. Some apartments in buildings and adjacent premises, bed bugs will move from one place to another through available holes on the floors, in the walls, lobbies, etc… So that, we need to observe carefully.

These items stored under the bed should also be thoroughly examined. Sofas and other cover chairs also need to check above and bottom, especially in crevices, creases and edges. Sofas which are used for sleeping are the main areas suffering from bed bugs infestations. The head’s begs, drawers and furniture in bedrooms also need to clean and control outside and inside as well as other areas (cracks, corners, holes and other crevices).

Light switches and electrical panels need to remove in order to observed easily inside. Suitcases, boxes, clothes and shoes, food storage boxes should be thoroughly examined.

Different from cockroaches finding in landfills and available foods, the level cleanliness have no effect on bed bugs infestations because they find their nutrition from humans and animals.

In conclusion, thorough inspection play an important role in bed bugs control. Let’s contact Nano Vina if you find any signs of bed bugs.

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