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Signs of an Oriental Cockroach Infestation

Signs of an Oriental Cockroach Infestation
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Oriental cockroaches (Latin name: Blatta orientalis) are known as water bugs, shadow cockroaches or black beetles. Similar to other cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches are social insects; if the number of cockroach is large, they will be gregarious or tend to gather together. Therefore, we can determine their identification through appearance, living habit, diet as well as reproduction.


Oriental cockroaches range from shiny brown to dark reddish – brown in color. They reach the length from 25 – 32 mm

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In warmer climate, Oriental cockroaches are found in outside which surround tree tubs, wet gutter, even rain water pipes or drains in the evening. They are strongly active in the evening and sometimes they appear in the morning in dark, quiet and wet areas.


Oriental Cockroaches will lay eggs capsules which are also called oothecae. Their egg capsules are dark brown or dark red, about 8 – 10 mm.


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Oriental Cockroaches prefer living in landfills, refuse dumps or in decaying objects. Oriental cockroach are omnivores and well-living by scavenging food scraps, decaying animals and plants.


In some places which have a large number of Oriental Cockroaches or on the surface of items or food where they crawl, we can smell molt. This odor is from the chemicals which these insects emit when they communicate with others.

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