10 funny things about flies

10 funny things about flies
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Flies make many people be shy of their dirty, but do you know that they have some interesting function in the world. They can be useful in pollening like bees as well as finding criminals. Some interesting facts about flies that you haven’t known:

  • Flies are not picky, they can eat everything from bullshits to residual PB & J wastes. In facts, they support in decaying organic wastes.
  • If there is no fly in the world, it means that many birds, frogs, lizards will be extinct because they lose their main food.
  • Although flies have less hair than bees, they are equipped som function which help them pollen effectively.
  • Because they have no tooth, they have to absorb food. Acid in their saliva and vomit liquefy food which help them absorb food like sponges use their tongues.
  • Flies usually move on their meals. They taste food by pairs of leg which are more sensitive with sugar than human tongues.
  • Except common flies, there are more than 100.000 flies in the world.
  • Flies can see everything in a mile by their compound eyes which contain thousands of lenses and they can see nearly 3600 of views.
  • Flies transmit bacterias and viruses causing some diseases such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery. They have a risk of pathogens on their legs and mouth when they eat faeces, trashes and other decaying materials.
  • In forensic insects, flies is used to catch crimes.

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